Meet Your dog Trainer

Erin Maloney

Certified Trainer and Counselor

Trust your dog's training to Canton's expert dog trainer! Erin is the only certified fear and aggression dog trainer in Stark County. She utilizes science-backed, force-free and positive reinforcement training techniques.

Every training plan is written to provide optimal success for you and your dog. Whether your new puppy or dog is showing signs of fear or aggression or you’re looking to train the dog you’ve had for years, Erin is available every step of the way to provide guidance and reassurance. You can rest easy knowing your dog’s leash is in the hands of Canton’s expert dog trainer.

woman in a hat ith a black dog outside

I'm a local Cantonian and graduate of Glenoak High School. My interest in animal behavior started while earning my bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Ohio University. I have my Certificate in Training and Counseling from the esteemed Academy for Dog Trainers, an intensive two-year dog training program that focuses on healthy dog development with an emphasis on behavior modification for dogs experiencing fear and aggression. The Academy teaches humane, evidence-based training methods using food and play rewards to help dogs learn. I have experience working in group training classes, private training, boarding and day care.

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My dogs, Sadie and Strider, have been my inspiration for becoming a dog trainer. I adopted Sadie as a young adult stray who was very high-energy. As she settled in she started showing intense reactivity and dog-selectiveness. Learning how to handle her challenging and aggressive behaviors led me on my journey to helping fearful and aggressive dogs.

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Strider came to us as an under-socialized puppy. As a result, he had a huge fear of people, including my husband for the first few months. Thanks to my understanding of animal behavior, he has overcome his fear of people and now happily greets every visitor at our door. Because of him, I love helping fearful dogs and am passionate about ensuring puppies are prepared for life. I’ve seen the result of under-socialization and know how much work it takes to make up for that lost time.

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In my free time I run a farm with my husband raising chickens, horses and cattle. In addition to dogs, I also train equines using positive reinforcement. Since transitioning to R+ equine training, I’ve seen a huge improvement in safety when handling my horses for training, exercise, grooming and medical care. Through positive reinforcement they’ve learned not to fear being handled, poked by needles, take oral dewormer and confidently explore new, potentially scary things.

Raising Pawtential LLC is an evidence-based training practice, using methods stemming from research in animal learning and behavioral psychology. I use force-free, positive reinforcement methods to shape a happy and healthy dog living in our human world. I strive to make training fun for all dogs and humans. Please email me with any questions.

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