Aggressive Dog Training

Private and Virtual Dog Training in Canton, Ohio

Aggressive Dog Training

Private and Virtual Dog Training in Canton, Ohio

Are you worried you may need to get rid of your dog?

Dog snarling, snapping and barking
Dog snarling, snapping and barking

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, like there’s no way you’ll get this dog under control? Your dog’s behavior may even scaring you.

I’m here to help you go from grinding teeth to feeling relief.

Dogs have lots of big feelings and their actions are probably causing you a lot of stress too! My goal is to help you and your dog navigate these complex emotions leaving both of you relaxed and confident in and out of your home.

I’ll make the training process as simple as possible to ensure everyone is successful at the end of our journey. My goal is to help everyone in the home feel safe and happy. Whether your dog prevents you from having guests over or won't let you touch them, I’m here to help you unleash your dog’s full pawtential.

Issues I Can Help With

Barking & Lunging on Leash

Aggression Towards Humans

Aggression Towards Dogs

Resource Guarding

Vet & Grooming Aggression

6-Week Private Training


Initial Assessment

1 Hour

We'll go over your goals and struggles with your dog. I'll give you management strategies and training exercises for you to start working on.

In-Home Coaching

5 1-Hour Sessions

Follow-up sessions are scheduled every 1-2 weeks. Every session we'll review your progress and you'll be given training exercises to practice between sessions.

In-Home Coaching

Hybrid Virtual/In-Person

Some cases need shorter but more frequent training. I will modify your training package if I feel this will work best for you and your dog.

Additional Follow-Ups

$150 per Hour

Some dogs need more than 6 training sessions, especially in complex aggression cases or if there is a list of training goals.

Want to learn more about aggression and fear in dogs?

Listen to my episode on the Wild At Heart Podcast!

Emily and I discuss everything from housemate aggression to biting at the groomer. We share experiences from our own dogs and dogs we've worked with. If you have an aggressive dog and don't know where to start training or feel your dog's struggles can't be resolved, this episode is for you!

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Client Testimonials

Erin is so kind and generous and treats my pups like her own babies when working with them. I have a puppy who had issues with body handling and resource guarding. She has worked with us--in our own home--and I've seen drastic changes in just a handful of sessions... She'll even come to your house and work with your pup while you're at work, if needed! She's just fantastic. I've already recommended her to friends and will keep her information handy for anyone in the future who needs tender loving care for their fur babies..

stevie + otter

Human-Aggressive Aran meeting erin at the park

I needed some help with my fearful and reactive dog and working with Erin was such a great experience. She taught me how to expose my dog to his triggers in a controlled setting and keep him under threshold as he learned. She was so supportive and tailored our training to exactly what we needed. This is not a one-size-fits-all program! I am so thrilled with the progress that we've made and highly recommend Erin and Raising Pawtential!

Rebecca + Gus

If I don't have time, can you train my dog for me?

It depends on your dog and their challenges. Some case types, such as reactivity are very successful for me to train while you're busy at work or running the kids around. Human-fearful dogs require 1-1 training sessions until they are comfortable enough for me to come alone to train them.

My dog is aggressive towards strangers. Can you fix that?

Through prevention and incremental training we'll get your dog more comfortable around people. For many human-aggressive dogs we will start training online since the dog is most comfortable with you.

My dogs are fighting. Can you help?

Yes, I am very experienced in problems between housemates.

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