Fearful Dogs

Private and Virtual Dog Training in Canton, Ohio

Aggressive Dog Training

Private and Virtual Dog Training in Canton, Ohio

Are you wanting to help your dog overcome their fears?

Puppy looking scared
Puppy looking scared

You got your dog hoping to take them on adventures with you. Camping, boating, hiking, you name it!

Your dog started showing signs that they were not comfortable in these situations. They run away from strange people and dogs, or they don't want to get in the car/boat. Maybe going to the vet or groomer is stressful for both of you.

Whatever your dog is afraid of, I will help.

Through private training and online courses, I want to make you and your dog both feel happy and relaxed in all situations.

I’ll make the training process as simple as possible to ensure success at the end of our journey. My goal is to help everyone in the home feel safe and happy. Whether your dog is afraid in or out of your home, I’m here to help you unleash your dog’s full pawtential.

Fears I Can Help With

Sound Phobias

Objects or Locations

People or Other Dogs

Vet or Groomer

Generalized Anxiety

6-Week Private Training


Initial Assessment

1 Hour

We'll go over your goals and struggles with your dog. I'll give you management strategies and training exercises for you to start working on.

In-Home Coaching

5 1-Hour Sessions

Follow-up sessions are scheduled every 1-2 weeks. Every session we'll review your progress and you'll be given training exercises to practice between sessions.

In-Home Coaching

Hybrid Virtual/In-Person

Some cases need shorter but more frequent training. I will modify your training package if I feel this will work best for you and your dog.

Additional Follow-Ups

$150 per Hour

Some dogs need more training sessions, especially complex cases and dogs with many fears or anxieties. Additional training is determined case-by-case.

Want to learn more about aggression and fear in dogs?

Listen to my episode on the Wild At Heart Podcast!

Emily and I discuss everything from housemate aggression to biting at the groomer. We share experiences from our own dogs and dogs we've worked with. If you have an aggressive dog and don't know where to start training or feel your dog's struggles can't be resolved, this episode is for you!

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Client Testimonials

We’ve seen a huge difference in our two dogs that struggle with fear and anxiety since we started working with Erin. She is very receptive to how they’re feeling and makes sure that each session feels comfortable and safe for them. I wish we would’ve found her sooner!

Lindsay & kyle F. + bowie & Charlie

Magical!! Finn had issues with being groomed, bathing and resource guarding. Erin knew exactly how to approach each issue and shape the desired outcome. If you're having issues with your dog or puppy, save time and money and start with Erin!!!

Debbie T. + Finn

Everyone is always asking how we trained Eggsy so well. I say we didn't, Erin did! He used to be afraid of dogs and people. We now walk him completely off leash in the neighborhood, on trails and at the brewery.

Roy F. + Eggsy

I really want to take my dog hiking and to breweries, but he looks so scared whenever I try. How can I fix this?

With an incremental training plan we'll get your dog more comfortable in public. Anxiety medication may be necessary for some dogs to reach your training goals. I will advise a discussion with your veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist if I feel this is necessary.

My dog is afraid of bathing/grooming. Can you help?

Absolutely! Training for bathing and grooming is easy and a lot of fun!

My dog won't get in the car and is stressed the entire ride. Is medication our only option?

While medication can help many dogs, it usually doesn't fix the problem. I work with so many clients on this that I have an online course just for dogs who are anxious in the. Click here to check it out. I also work on this in private training with many clients.

If I don't have time, can you train my dog for me?

It depends on your dog and their challenges. Some case types, such as reactivity are very successful for me to train while you're busy at work or running the kids around. Human-fearful dogs require 1-1 training sessions until they are comfortable enough for me to come alone to train them.

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